Paddlewheel Flowmeter

Paddlewheel Flowmeter

LORRIC’s patented AxleSense technology provides a shift in the direction of impeller style flow measurement with new designs incorporated to provide double the traditional rate of flow in applications now capable from 0.15 to 10 metres per second.

Bi-directional flowmeters offer many unique features including a dual display with separate LED indication for clear and distinct viewing from distance and an alphanumeric LCD indication for setup functions and more complex information.


• Accuracy: 2%
• Linearity: ± 0.5% FS
• Reproducibility: ± 0.4%
• Flow Range: ± 0.3 to 10 m/sec
• Extendable: ± 0.15 to 10 m/sec
• Tee Pipe Diameter: DN20 to DN50 (¾" to 2")
• Flow Data: Instantaneous flow, bi-directional
• Cumulative Data: Positive & negative nett flow Past 14 days, accumulative
• Reaction Time: Less than 1 second
• Weatherproof: IP65
• Fluid Temp: Below 50°C
• Process Temp: -25°C to +70°C
• Tee Pipe Material: PVC
• Paddle Material: PVDF with embedded magnet
Ceramic bearing & shaft
• Fluids: Clear, oil or chemicals (<1% impurities)
• Max. Viscosity: 300 cSt
• Units: Litres, cubic meters, meters
• Time: Seconds, minutes, hours, days
• Display: Double screen, LED + LCD
• Display Digits: LED - 5 digits, LCD - 10 digits
• Operation: 4-key touch button
• Communication: Analogue 4-20mA
(requires external power)
Modbus RS485 2-line
OCT switch signal
• Supply Voltage: DC 12V to 36V 200mA
• Internal Battery: CR2032

Simple 3-piece design:

Simple 3-piece design:

  • Display screen (setup module)
  • Paddle set (connector - contains paddlewheel)
  • T-Connector (flow meter body - ¾” to 2”)

LCD Display:

The LCD display also serves as a high visibility indication of flowmeter status.

These coloured displays are highly visible both in light and dark environments.

  • Green: confirms that all is in order and fully functional,
  • Red: indicates an error (such as loss of paddle, etc.)
  • Orange: indicates that the meter is in the Setup mode.

Detects Paddle Abnormalities

The flowmeter actively detects any paddle abnormalities and the display offers clear information for the on-site operator to see, and will not simply display a passive “zero-flow” notice.

The reading is instantaneous and time is not lost trying to diagnose an error.

Bi-directional Portrait or Landscape Display

The AxleSense meters are not just bi-directional, they are also unaffected by pipe orientation.

The display can be set to portrait mode on a vertical pipe installation and changed to landscape mode in a horizontal application.

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