Cryogenic Flow Meters

The cryogenic turbine flow meters, electronics and accessories designed and manufactured by Hoffer Flow Controls are for cryogenic flow applications e.g. truck-mounted cryogenic flow metering systems that withstand the rigors of over-the-road service and operate reliably in temperature extremes.

ICE Integrated Cryogenic System

The ICE is Hoffer’s most advanced Truck-Mounted Cryogenic Flow Metering System and is locally accredited.

Cryogenic flow meter measurement at its best, it provides the most comprehensive features in a cryogenic truck-mounted delivery system.

The typical application includes ICE as the primary electronic indicating element of a bulk delivery system for CO2 and Cryogenic liquids. Other system components typically include a turbine flow meter, temperature sensor, optional pressure sensor, and optional printer.

ICE pairs with a Hoffer turbine flowmeter which uses hybrid ceramic ball bearings. Specifically, to prolong the life of the flowmeter in fluids that offer poor natural lubricity.

Furthermore, the system also includes a printer for delivery ticket printouts and an installation kit. Individual components are purchased separately.

ICE Integrated Cryogenic System
ICE Integrated Cryogenic System
ICE cryogenic system during testing on liquid CO2 truck application

ICE Integrated Cryogenic System

Supports the measurement of seven predefined liquids: LIN, LOX, LAR, CO2 Single Pipe, CO2 Dual Pipe, LN2O & LNG.

ICE delivers:

  • Accurate flow measurement of industrial gases
  • Advanced reporting, communications & printer output capability
  • Superior performance, ease of use & minimal operator involvement

Features include:

  • User-friendly interface e.g. 4.3” full-colour LCD touch screen & easy-access panel-sealed push buttons
  • Rugged aluminium enclosure has shock mounts but can fit with an optional articulated bracket
  • Back panel fitted with environmentally sealed, military-style electrical connectors for all standard & optional I/O connections

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