Loading Arm Accessories

Emco Wheaton offers a wide range of accessories for our road and rail loading arms, from Control Systems to Telescopic Drop Tubes.
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Emco Wheaton Control Systems

Emco Wheaton Control Systems

We can supply individual control systems for the comfortable and safe operation of loading arms.

Depending on the application, the design of the control systems can be mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic.

Control System Features:

  • Highest reliability through use of quality approved components
  • Individual design
  • Completely assembled, checked and approved prior to delivery
  • User-friendly operation

Emco Wheaton Heating Systems

Emco Wheaton Heating Systems

Designed to keep loaded fluids in a liquid state, our Heating Systems are used for products with low and middle temperature ranges or if there is no other heating media available.

Depending on the heating temperature, options include: electric heating, trace heating or covered heating.

A heating cable is attached along the tubes and elbows.

The swivel joints are bridged by electric cables.

Emco Wheaton F2020 - Overfill Prevention System

Emco Wheaton F2020 - Overfill Prevention System

Our Overfill Prevention System is a secondary safety system which prevents product overflow, for example, in the case of an incorrect pre-selected loading amount.

The electrical signal of the overfill prevention device is processed in the control system and can be used to shut off the loading process.

If the control system does not exist already in the customer's terminal it can be specified within Emco Wheaton's scope.

Emco Wheaton Position Monitoring System (PMS)

Emco Wheaton Position Monitoring System (PMS)

Our Position Monitoring System (PMS) is used to display the position of the marine loading arm within its defined operating envelope. The display uses a standard industry PC and is a live feed of the actual position of the marine loading arm.

The PMS is a standalone unit and works in the following way:

  • A pendulum potentiometer located on the inboard arm measures the angle of the inboard arm with respect to vertical
  • A pendulum potentiometer located on the outboard arm measures the angle of the outboard arm with respect to vertical
  • A direct coupled potentiometer located at the base riser swivel joint measures the slewing angle
  • Information from the potentiometers is relayed through a PC hooked to the local control panel

Features include:

  • Remote maintenance
  • Display redirection via TCP / IP or modem

Emco Wheaton Parallel Device for Bottom Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton Parallel Device for Bottom Loading Arms

Our standard configuration bottom loading and unloading arm with 5 swivels has been a dependable, safe and clean method for tanker fill / discharge for many years.

Experience has shown that if the tanker connection arm (‘B’-length) is fitted with high weight components such as a ball valve or breakaway coupling, the arm can be difficult to manoeuvre and handle. To prevent this and ensure that tanker loading is a one-man operation, we have designed a 6 swivel arm as shown.

The arm is fitted with 6 swivels for complete 3-axis movement of the tanker connection, allowing for tanker height changes during filling / discharge.

The arm is additionally fitted with a parallel bar which holds the tanker connection arm (‘B’-length) in a horizontal position irrespective of the primary arm (‘A’-length) position. This makes tanker connection and disconnection much easier.

The B-length also has a gas spring fitted allowing the operator to raise and lower the B-length with total ease.

Emco Wheaton Telescopic Drop Tube

Emco Wheaton Telescopic Drop Tube

Where splash loading is not acceptable, a telescopic drop tube is used with a bottom contact switch, ensuring that the drop tube is permanently in touch with the bottom of the tanker being loaded.

Our telescopic drop tubes can be either manually or pneumatically operated. Manually operated telescopic drop tubes are robust and have a short installation.

The following situations may require the use of a telescopic drop tube:

  • Internal friction in flowing products can cause electrostatic charge. This physical effect can lead to sparking which is mandatory to be avoided, especially when combustible or explosive fluids are loaded. Spark prevention can be achieved most efficiently by creating bottom contact with a telescopic drop tube.
  • Bottom contact with a telescopic drop tube is recommended for loading of foaming products.
  • For loading applications with height restrictions, (e.g. by a roof), a telescopic drop tube is the ideal solution compared with a long and rigid drop tube.

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