Terminal Management System

A powerful terminal management hub

TopTech’s TMS6 a streamlined terminal management hub that provides load rack visibility and control.

It is ideal for a variety of terminal applications including gasoline, light oil, LPG, chemical, fertilizer, and asphalt sites. TMS6 can also handle most any terminal configuration from a manual loading rack to facilities with multiple loading bays and a variety of electronic controls.

With nearly 30 years in the market, TMS6 is globally known for its reliability and flexibility.

Terminal Management System
Terminal Management System

TopTech TMS6

  • Ideal for a variety of terminal applications and can handle an unlimited number of driver, carriers and customers
  • The innovative modular design supports a variety of equipment, even on the same load rack
  • Whether you operate a single terminal or many, TMS6 delivers a powerful terminal automation solution for your business


TMS6 Brochure

Terminal Automation System (COTAS)

The software solution for greater flexibility.

The Terminal Automation System COTAS is the complete solution for automating small, medium and large tank terminals. It has accumulated hundreds of years of trouble free reliable operation all across Europe, thus offering unrivalled user friendliness and integrity through the Windows graphical user interface.

The PC-based COTAS loading computer system coordinates all system modules in the tank farm, from product reception and inventory control to product delivery. It is connected with all the instrumentation in the field and controls the loading processes.

It fully integrates product reception from pipeline, railcar or barges with storage management and product delivery. It communicates with ID-Systems and it can include a video documentation database. Therefore, it offers maximum security and safety during operation times.

COTAS module
COTAS module
  • Integrated solution
    A comprehensive overall understanding of all automation steps thanks to M+F flow computer technology
  • Short implementation times
    As an industry-specific software solution with rapid adjustability to suit customer requirements
  • Database independent
    Open interfaces
  • EMCS integration
    Fully automated integration in the European EMCS system for the movement of excise goods under duty suspension
OPC technology
OPC technology

M+F Technologies offers outstanding expertise as a systems and solution provider in the handling of oil products.

The focus here is on loading systems for tank trucks, rail cars and ships as well as on blending systems and fuel supply systems at airports.

M + F’s position as a market leader is underpinned by their long-standing know-how in loading processes in the oil industry and their ongoing development work that benefits their customers worldwide.

They realise complete system solutions based on their own technologies and state-of-the-art products, covering all their needs, from consulting and engineering to implementation and even regular servicing. As experienced specialists, they undertake all tasks linked to the automation, digitalisation and management of tank farms, tank terminals and fuel supply systems.

MFX UPC_2000
MFX UPC_2000

MFX UPC_2000

The UPC_2000 is the first Original Document Computer that enables a digital storage and archiving of W&M data which had to be printed by an original voucher printer via PTB-Protocol.

The UPC_2000 has been developed in close collaboration with PTB and fulfils all requirements of official calibration authorities for the storage of W&M data.

  • PTB approval
  • Installation on desktop computer
  • 100-240V AC power supply
  • Windows 7 Pro Operating System
  • UPC_2000 logger & viewer software
  • Interfaces - Serial DB9 / DB25 Male Connectors
  • Foil keypad (optional mechanical)
  • Additional ports for mouse, keypad, monitor & network


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